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Article 1 - Preamble

Dear visitor, please read this terms of use agreement carefully before visiting our website referallcodes.

Your access to the site is entirely dependent on your acceptance of this agreement and your compliance with the terms set forth in this agreement.

If you do not accept any of the terms in this agreement, please terminate your access to the site.

Please note that if you continue to access the site, we will assume that you unconditionally and unconditionally accept the entire text of this agreement.

Article 2 - Definition

The referallcodes website uses the Blogger infrastructure and will be referred to as Blog from now on.

The Terms of Use for this site come into effect upon publication.

The right to make changes belongs to ReferallCodes unilaterally and all of our users are deemed to have accepted these changes, which will be updated on the Blog.

  • Company”: a page listing information about a specific Company Referral Program;

  • Company Codes Listing”: the place where all the codes related to a specific Company are located;

  • Referral Code”: a promotion code provided by a Company to its customer;

  • Referral Program”: a program operated by a Company through which it allows existing customers to refer friends to receive Referral Rewards;

  • Referral Rewards”: the incentive provided by a Company to a Referrer and Referee for each successful referral;

Article 3 - Presentation of Services

ReferallCodes is a community Referral Code platform, allowing Visitor to share their Referral Codes.

Account the Visitor can create and publish one or multiple Referral Codes.

Article 4 - Visitor

Visitors can access discounts provided by companies through the Blog. Visitors cannot hold ReferallCodes responsible for incorrect information provided by companies.

We notify our visitors that the content displayed may be incorrect or that the campaign may have ended.

Visitors understand that Referral Codes provided by companies may not work (the campaign may have ended) or may work partially.

Visitors understand that Referral Programs and Referral Codes are managed by Companies, ReferallCodes have no affiliation with Companies displayed on the Site.

This is why ReferallCodes have no knowledge of their actual Redirect Code usage and performance.

Visitors can search for content related to Company Referral Programs and access the Company Codes List for free without registering.

Article 5 - Contents

The contents on ReferallCodes were created with blogger.

Parties or right holders who think that there is a copyright infringement in the content published on referallcodes can notify us via the contact form, the relevant content will be removed immediately.

referallcodes does not guarantee the accuracy of published content, referral codes and comments.

The published content is for promotional purposes and to give information about discounts, and referallcodes is not responsible for any negative consequences that may occur as a result of the application of the information.

Article 5 - Comments

By posting comments on the articles on referallcodes, you are deemed to have agreed to comply with the following conditions:

- Reference codes and comments sent to referallcodes are, without undergoing any inspection.

For this reason, we do not accept any legal or criminal responsibility for the published comments.

Any legal and criminal responsibility that may arise from this situation belongs exclusively to the user who wrote the comment.

Visitors transfer all publishing rights of their comments to referallcodes.

- Comments posted by visitors must comply with general morality, all applicable laws and regulations, ethical rules and the general comment rules of referallcodes. Otherwise, it can be deleted without any warning.

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